"Dan and I want you to know you were a pleasure to work with and we love the addition of our flagpole to the river side of our home. I think this was the best present for Dan's birthday that I have ever managed. Got any good ideas for next year?"
Sincerely, Catherine

"We are delighted with the new flagpole - gives our cove and adds some life to Greyledges."
Thanks for your good work, Dick Frost

Hey, Keith!
"Sorry I missed you today, but at the last minute, I was invited to ride shotgun in a fire truck - never done it before, so had to.

The pole and flags are perfect! I thank you very, very much for all your backbreaking work digging the hole, laying the foundation and installing the pole.

You, and other Vets, make me proud to be an American - now I can show the whole world!"

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