Our most recommended seller is the white-finished, high gloss fiberglass flagpole. It is our best seller and most popular choice. They do not warp and are accompanied with a twenty year warranty. They are easier to maintain and repair later down the road. You can also lower your pole at your own convenience to wipe it down if you choose. We can even install on commercial and residential properties.

Currently we are not selling or installing wooden poles. Wood is not being crafted until further notice. Our website will be updated when wood poles become avaiilable again. (Aluminum poles are more of a commercial preference. They are beautiful and come in multiple colors. They do require a man lift to repair so they cannot be dropped to clean or to repair. Cost of parts are increased in comparison to fiberglass. We can repair all sizes.)

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35' Fiberglass, installed in ledge, Vinalhaven

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We sell and ship worldwide.